Welcome Yôkoso!

We teach Traditional Japanese Shôtôkan Karate Dô.

What is it? - It's a life time excercise, self defense system, and a martial art.

Who is it for? - Everyone - Men, Women, Youth, Children, all ages.

What will it do for me? - Improve your Health, Exercise & Fitness for all Levels, Focus, Awarness, Develop Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Structure & Discipline, Self Defense Skills, Set of Goals. Fun yet always Challenging, it's the best Stress Release program available for all.  

Who are we? - We are an international organization with over 60 countries and growing! Locally we are the oldest traditional group in Arizona since the late 60's - the tradition continues!

When can I start? - Today!  We have ongoing classes - please feel free to stop by and visit us or feel free to call or text, email us for additional information if needed. We do not have contracts and there is no pressure to sign up.    

Please review our website as it may answer many other questions you may have. 

Thank You - Arigato Gozaimasu

Chuck Coburn             

Gambatte - "Be Your Best”

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