• Fred L., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    This Karate Dojo is the Best I have ever seen.  Everything about it is first class.  They have some of the best instructors including Sensei Chuck Coburn, a former world champion and world competitor for many years, with over 45 years of experience as Chief Instructor (Sensei).  Their traditional ways of training and teaching is as close and as authentic as you can get to the way they train in Japan.  My sons and I are so thankful to be able to train with such high quality Karate Dojo, yet conveniently located right off the US 60 freeway and Alma School Road, inside beautiful Fiesta Mall.  Hope to see ya'll all there!

    Fred L.
  • Satisfied Client, Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    The training by Chuck and Cheryl Coburn is outstanding. The training that is offered is in the finest tradition of Shotokan karate: very demanding of the body, mind, and spirit. The dojo is a great training facility: clean, bright, good floors, private changing rooms, weight training facilities and other practice material. The students are welcoming and helpful. This dojo is a great place to train!

    Satisfied Client
  • Ivory N., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Best dojo around! Great atmosphere and amazing people to train with. They stick to the traditional karate principals.

    Ivory N.
  • Kirk C., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    It's great training in a really nice Dojo. My wife and I love training with Sensei Coburn.

    Kirk C.
  • Tom M., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Traditional Japanese karate, excellent instruction, great facility, and a real sense of "family" among our members. Highly recommended!

    Tom M.
  • Marybeth T., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Mesa Karate

    I began training at Shotokan Karate of Arizona in 1999 with Sensei Chuck Coburn and would give them 10 stars if I could. In an era of immediate gratification and entertainment based martial arts on every corner, Sensei Coburn offers a true, traditional Japanese martial art, Shotokan Karate. He has over 45 years experience and teaches martial arts the way they were intended;  with a focus on all the essentials of the true art such as basics, concentration, tradition, respect and adherence to the origins of the art. To add to that, it is a fantastic workout physically and mentally. I just signed up my two young children as well since he is excellent with children.

    Marybeth T.
  • Kiyomi K., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    When I was six, my parents put me in karate classes and I continued training until I received my black belt at age twelve. Since then, I've never questioned if I could hold my own under these circumstances. Karate taught me discipline and gave me the confidence and strength to live without the fear of wondering what I would do if someone tried to attack me. Sometimes, I wish I had taken dance lessons or ballet so I could be as graceful as other women. But, when stories like this arise, I'm glad I know how and where to hit some fool who tries to put his/her hands on me. Thank you Chuck, Cheryl, and my parents for giving me this strength at such a young age.

    Kiyomi K.
  • Google User, Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    I love this place. They have a beautiful facility with every kind of training equipment you could ever need. Great people to train with. I love this place!!!!

    Google User
  • Enesa (Beba) Barut Pjano, Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Shotokan Karate has been a huge part of my life for the past 25 years. It is a sport that has impacted my life in so many ways from teaching me about self-defense, responsibility, respect, discipline and how to control myself. Other ways it has impacted my life is that throughout my training I have met amazing karate from all over the world and formed great friendships.

    When I moved to the United States of America in 1996, after the Civil War in Bosnia, I was on a quest to find a dojo that would be similar to my home or even better. I was on a quest to find "Mr. Miyagi!"

    I initially found my karate home with Sensei Shojiro Koyama (8th Dan) at the Arizona Karate Association, and then I started to train with his stellar student Sensei Chuck Coburn (7th Dan). Meeting Sensei Coburn and being taught Shotokan Karate by Sensei Coburn has been a great experience, therefore I can say that I have found "Mr. Miyagi!" Sensei Coburn is an amazing instructor with a wealth of experience in Shotokan karate as an instructor and past competitor with a lengthy lust of accomplishments. In the Shotkan Karate of Arizona dojo not only did I find remarkable instruction, but also I found my second family because all the dojo members care about each other, encourage each other to cell and succeed. Sensei Coburn and the dojo Sempais do their best to push the students to reach their maximum potential, to excel and succeed, they go above and beyond investing their time and their knowledge in the students and they celebrate each achievement as they own from rank achievements to the tournament results.

    Therefore, if you want to train hard, be fit, be strong, be a prt of our family, travel as a family, meet new friends, compete, celebrate accomplishments and growth in many aspects, then Shotokan of Arizona is the ideal dojo!

    Thank you Shotokan of Arizona!

    Thank you Sensei Coburn and thanks to all of Sempais!

    Enesa (Beba) Barut Pjano
  • Dave B., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Traditional Shotokan Karate. Great Training. Great Exercise. Good Spirit.

    Dave B.
  • Maida E., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    What an amazing place to practice. Great instructors, facility, equipment and karate training! Oss

    Maida E.
  • Maria M., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    One of the best things to happen in my life was to get introduced to SHOTOKAN. Love this site and I deeply love my training.

    Maria M.
  • We spent years searching for the right karate school for our daughter. When we accidentally came upon the Shotokan of Arizona Dojo, we felt we found more than what we were looking for.

    In addition to receiving world class karate training in a strict, controlled, yet nurturing environment, she has integrated into a community of some of the Valley’s most outstanding people, who guide and care for her as they each, at one time or another, contribute to her training.

    This Dojo’s quality of training and care trickles down from the top. From Sensei Chuck Coburn to the young karateka, there is a culture of commitment, hard work, respect, teamwork, sharing, and caring. Even the youngest karateka are extremely respectful of each other, and work together.

    The training and support at this Dojo cannot be beat. Additionally, there are ancillary benefits. Sensei and all the members have fun together when they are not engaged in intense, traditional karate training.

    Our entire family has benefited from our daughter’s training at the ShotokanKarate of Arizona Dojo. She has grown more respectful, responsible, athletic, focused, and has more energy and enthusiasm for hard work and things that require commitment. It has changed the way she lives and appreciates life in general. Also, we have developed relationships with some of the most amazing people.

    A few other benefits we’ve noticed - this Dojo is extremely affordable. A student at this Dojo can train 5 to 6 days per week for one affordable price. Parking is plentiful and the Dojo itself is absolutely beautiful and clean! Sensei Chuck Coburn is a stickler for cleanliness.

    Devi M
  • Nestor O., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Love it. Great people, lovely environment and awesome instructor.

    Nestor O.
  • Mezzo F., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Best karate school I’ve seen.  It’s traditional and authentic, and internationally renown.  I always look for the best for our daughter, because I need to make the best use of my time.  The training at Shotokan Karate of Arizona is excellent – it is intense, but the children are provided opportunities to have a ton of fun when they earn it by training diligently.  All the karateka – children and adults – are accomplished inside and outside the Dojo.  And, everyone has each other’s backs.  We feel privileged to be a part of this Dojo.  An additional benefit is that training is provided up to 6 days per week for one extremely affordable price.  I highly recommend it.  I am so glad I found them, and our daughter LOVES training here.

    Mezzo F.
  • Karate is the best athletic activity in which my son has participated. He has severe ADHD and was not able to pay attention while playing a game. Sensei Coburnand his sempais (leaders) have been able to teach my son to focus in a way no other coaches have before. The discipline he has learned at the dojo has also carried over to home and his school work. When he is starting to lose control of his focus and emotions, we ask him to recite the dojo kun, the principles of the dojo. Doing so calms him down and he is able to realize which tenets he is not following. My family is very grateful for everything the dojo has done for him.

    Kristen W.
  • Heidi J., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Great School of Art! Strong! Tuff! Knowledgable! So proud to train here.

    Heidi J.
  • Shotokan Karate of Arizona is a proven school that boosts self-confidence of all ages! It helps me to face all challenges with self-confidence, self-defense, positive attitude, and improved health, loosing weight , self-control and self-fitness. Sensei Chuck Coburn teaches you not just a sport or different type of technique, fight; he teaches you to believe in yourself and how much you can achieve, or lead to better performance at school, work, in sport, or look at the life like positive challenges. Karate keeps me motivated; make me think about my progress, my goals! After every class I go home with lifted spirits. renewed energy and enthusiasm. The School helps me to become a better person, better champion, best competitor, strong inside and out. Thank you Sensei Chuck Coburn, and thank you Shotokan Karate for encouraging me, pushing me to do my best, and not letting me go! "Every student is important."

  • Excellent Dojo! We have been with Sensei Chuck Coburn since 1999 and just enrolled our two young children. This is a traditional school which focus on true Shotokan Karate and teaches focus, respect, physical and mental discipline all while having some fun along the way. Great for the whole family!

    Matt T.
  • Victor S. , Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    Traditional Karate taught in an intelligent and modern way. Great physical exercise which also develops Mental Focus and is great for Stress Relief. Core Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditioning are equally emphasized. The class atmosphere is friendly but the work is serious. There is also emphasis on the fundamental values of Development of Character, Integrity/Faithfulness, constantly Striving for Personal Improvement/Cultivation, Respect for Others, and Refraining from violent behavior.

    Victor S.
  • Bill Z., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    My name is Bill Zilinsky and I live in Chilliwack , B.C. , Canada . Here I train under Sensei Ken Almond at Ridge/Meadows Shotokan Karate School . During the winter months my wife and I live in Mesa , Arizona , where I am fortunate to be able to train under Sensei Coburn and alongside of his great group of students ! They have made me feel " at home in their Dojo " for which I thank them ! Sensei Coburn is an inspiration and you see that in his students . I definitely agree , if you are in the Mesa , AZ area , visit the Dojo , you will be glad you did ! Oss !

    Bill Z.
  • Jon K. , Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    One of the best places to do Shotokan. Coburn Sensei is an inspiration. If you are in the area, get to his dojo. You won't regret it.

    Jon K.
  • Wayne S., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    I met Coburn Sensei through my friend Rod Elliott. Top shelf individual...osu

    Wayne S.
  • Linda G., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    The best place for karate and the most wonderful people there!!!

    Linda G.
  • Doug H., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    I studied under Chuck Coburn for over 20 years, great instructor!!  He is the true embodiment of Karate do.  He will push you to reach your full potential in art.  Get ready to work.

    Doug H.
  • Rusty K., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    This is truly an excellent choice for those who want to learn karate. With Sensei Chuck Coburn, you can be assured of quality instruction.

      After over 40 years of teaching traditional karate in the east valley, his passion for karate is as strong as ever. Knowing this, rest assured that at this dojo the quality of instruction is at a very high level. There are karate camps and clinics held at this dojo often where different Sensei's from various parts of the world (guest instructors) come and teach. Again, training and instruction at a very high level. 

       Speaking of training. Yes, the training is intense. Anything of great worth requires hard work. Karate is no different. It's that way for everyone on the dojo floor. People from all different walks of life focusing on one thing - karate training. All treating each other with courtesy and respect. A truly awesome experience. 

      You might ask,"how do you know this?" To answer that, let's go back in time to early 1986. At the time I was a 15 year old from a very small school with a desire to learn self defense, and to build confidence. My parents took me to....you guessed it - Sensei Coburn's dojo. There is karateka that I remember from 1986 that still train with Sensei Coburn today. I think that says a lot about the dojo as a whole. 

       It's been a few years since I've been training at the dojo ( 2008 was the last time ). So although I don't currently train in karate, I'll never forget the experiences training, and the relationships with the people at the dojo. Fun times. 

         I encourage all who are either thinking of taking karate, or getting your child started in karate to check out this dojo. Go inside and sit down while class is in session. Observe. You won't be disappointed. 

    Rusty K.
  • Jim M., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    The training at this dojo is the real deal! Just when you think you can't do more Sensei Coburn demands more. He and Sempai Coburn, his wife, really know their stuff and are outstanding teachers. I drive two hours (1way!) to train with them. Oss!

    Jim M.
  • Sergei S., Shotokan Karate of Arizona Testimonials

    My son and I  train at this dojo and have had remarkable results. My son has gained self-confidence and a drive to succeed in all aspects of his life.  It is also a very good way to get and stay in shape while learning to defend yourself and the ones you love.  Something you don't get by lifting weights in a gym.  It is a real positive life changer that is undeniable.

    Sergei S.


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